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Back from the dead again! xDD

I'm so sorry for disappearing for so long! To make up for it, MASSIVE icon dump in a few days. >=D If anyone still remembers me, that is.


Back from the dead! ;D

Heck, I haven't been round here in who knows how long... Most of my blogging nowadays is done from ritusupiiku, my main blog, so this will mainly be a place for random rambling and graphics now. Sorry for being away, anyway.


Here you go... my first ever icon post! Please rate, and credit if you use. Thankies!

teh iconzCollapse )
Sporry for the lack of updates. Anyway... tomorrow is the school prizegiving ceremony. I am so not looking forward to it. I don't care who wins the prizes, as I bet the winners're chosen randomly. The prizes aren't the worst bit, though... the performance is. 19 direly, atrociously bad pieces played by whatever unfortunate kid turns up. The drumming's the worst, though. Absolutely no rhythm to it at all. And it gives me a headache. I get the feeling that I'll have left before the prizes are given out... those tunes are so bad... On a side note, can anyone screencap from the starting cutscene of Rune Factory for me? Oh, nvm.

Writer's Block: My Userpics

Yeah, I've run out of topics here. My life is that boring. Thank Arceus for Writers' Block!

What was your first LiveJournal usericon and why? Why did you select your current default userpic?
My first one was cropped from my favorite official wallpaper. My current one is a play on the fact that, on PokéPlushies.com, I'm known as Koiking Girl. KOIKING NO CHIKARAAAA!!!!! ...Sorry. I really do think that Magikarp's symbolic... read more on PPf. XD

Darkrai Day...

Today's Darkrai Day in America. Not that I can get there... anyway... can everyone here please tell their friends about this place? I need more readers/commenters, pronto. =P Oh, whatever. If you're on SPPf, check out my Final Fantasy shipping thread; 'cause the truly beautiful things in my life are true love and Final Fantasy. You know what to do. =P


I'm back... I'm bored, too.... and hoping desperately for someone to nominate my all-time OTP... =P Not much to say, except that I'm dead bored and can think of nothing to say... -.-


OK... *thinks of something interesting to do...* Oh yeah, a face-off! A face-off of Ash's shippings! I must be mad to do this, but I'm gonna! 8D OK, here goes nothin'! XDDD;;

Pokéshipping (<3333)

Nominate away! Remember, it can be any pairing so long as it's got Ash in it!

*randomly rearranges hairstyle* XDDDD;;

So, uhh, hiiii... *sweatdrops, and waves* Today was... different... ehehe... Boy, that swimming lesson was freaky! Did you see that psycho kid?! Oh yeah, of course, you weren't there! *flails arms* Well... OK, enough of the hyperness. *finally calms down* Is it just me or is The Blue Badge Of Courage (Pokémon Chronicles) just a little too Orangeshippy? For me, Orangeshipping is strictly friendship. No offence to all you Orangeshippers, of course. 'Cause Misty's destiny lies with someone quite different... someone she truly loves...
Mist, hang in there...
Only one person talks like that. Only one person calls her Mist. Only one person loves her as much as they love him... *shot*

Um.. this is my LJ...

You're walking around aimlessly, randomly, when suddenly you bang your head off this LJ-shaped thing hanging in midair...
"What the heck was that?!" you shout angrily, rubbing your head gingerly.
I laugh. "Read the title, dumbo." *points*
Slowly, it dawns on you. "Oh. So... if this is your LJ, how 'bout you tell us a bit about you?"
I laugh. "Okay, okay. *sweatdrop* I'll tell you 'bout maiselfu!"
Home Country: Scotland =/
Fave Music: I'm into Pokémon-style shippy jPop.
Fave TV Show: Anime-
"Wait!" you interrupt. "What anime?"
"OK, OK!" I shout.
Fave Anime (sigh) Close thing between Pokémon and Cardcaptor Sakura.
Fave 'Ship-
"Fave ship? What's this, a harbor?"
I sigh and begin to explain. "Shipping... short for relationshipping. As in pairings. Believing that a couple, or more people, from any fiction, are in love."
Ignoring the mushy looks I get, I go on.
Fave 'Ship: Pokéshipping (Ash & Misty), Taiora (Taichi & Sora), Ikarishipping (Shinji & Hikari). Don't make me call him Paul...
Fave Games: Any deep Japanese RPG on the DS...
"Hey, hey!" you interrupt (again). "Is it just me or are you some kind of Japanophile?"
I sweatdrop (again.) "Yeah, yeah! I don't mind being called a Japanophile! They call me it all the time! And maybe I am one!"
"Riiiight." you answer. "Ummm... who are you???"
"Watashiwa Hikari Tajiri desu!" I answer, giggling. You shake your head sadly, muttering such words as "Wapanese" and "Dorkymon" under your breath as you walk away...
XDDDDD;; Well, I certainly have a... different way of blogging. LMAO